Tentipi Zirkon 9 – (Light) Nordic Tipi Tent

Tentipi Zirkon 9 – (Light) Nordic Tipi Tent


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Product Description

Advanced materials and more sophisticated ventilation features make our Zirkon range a perfect balance between price and performance for a wide range of adventurous camping activities. Zirkon is a design that's perfect for backpacking, hunting & fishing, cycling, climbing, - or simply for the children to sleep out in the garden on a summer's night. Everywhere you go, Zirkon Nordic tipi tents are a tent that gets attention for its rust red color and heavy-duty performance, just like the rugged and insulating mineral it's named after. Or choose Zirkon cp to benefit from all of the Zirkon's design features but in a breathable cotton polyester fabric. Dimensions for Zirkon 9 Light Tent Total Weight: 14.33 lbs Weight Per Person: 1.43 lbs Packed Diameter: 7.87 in Packed Length: 28.74 in # Sleepers: 8-10 # Seated: 16-20 Erected Diameter: 17.38 ft Erected Height: 10.17 ft Photo of Zirkon Light tent series. Zirkon 9 Light Tent Fabric And Key Features Non Breathable — Traillix C Lightweight ripstop polyamide fabric. UV protected and silicone-coated on both sides. A carefully chosen, light and very fine standard fabric. Attractive red color makes it easier to find even in snowstorms or fading light conditions.


  • Seattle based Mansfield Outdoors is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Sweden's legendary Tentipi Adventure Products. Online direct sales only, products not available in stores.
  • Tentipi Nordic tipi tents combine Arctic tested toughness with the quality, style, and comforts of Swedish design and engineering.
  • Designed to be used with a small open fire INSIDE the Nordic tipi tent, or can be heated with a wood burning stove.
  • Choose from a full line of complimentary accessories including Eldfell wood burning tent stoves, optional floors, and/or complete inner-tents with sewn-in bathtub style floors for even better performance in all conditions. Other optional accessories include clothes drying rails, leave-no-trace Hekla fireboxes for optional fire inside or outside the tent.
  • Proven by extreme expeditions. Made with world-class fabrics selected not by price but by their performance capabilities.

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